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Have you decided on a marketing strategy for your app?

You created a fantastic app. It’s useful, people you have shown it to absolutely love it. However a few months down the line your downloads have dried to a trickle, nobody’s talking about it anymore and your investment is down the drain. What should you do to get your app moving? Unlike websites on the Internet, app stores do not have a lot of factors with which to rank apps. This makes it tough for an app to be discovered. The app market is highly saturated, to blaze a trail here you need to have an excellent marketing strategy in place.
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However great marketing strategies require comprehensive market research and experience in the apps market. At Mobile Software Marketing we have an experienced and competent team who make it their job to deliver marketing results for your app. This is the road map we follow:

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The Marketing Road Map

Analyzing The App

Analyzing the App

  • We examine the app to figure out the business plan.
  • We look at the flaws, revenue model and features and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • The Mobile Marketing team puts their heads together to determine the category and sub-category the app should be filed under.
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Determining the Target Users

Determining the Target Users

  • We scrutinize of the app, it’s look and feel and virality etc.
  • Points of contact between the app and users are estimated
  • Based on the data, we define your target users
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Analyzing the Competition

Analyzing the Competition

  • We search for similar apps on app stores and study them.
  • We list pros and cons of the app in comparison to its competitors.
  • The Mobile Marketing Team does a comparitive analysis and suggests action steps.
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Honing in on the USP

Honing in on the USP

  • We examine the app concept and how it ties into the business model.
  • We analyze the apps features and customer interactions.
  • We look at the special touch points and focus on the touch points to push.
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