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Promote your app’s functionality with attractive videos

It makes sense to hike your app’s downloads with a stunning video. Video converts 50% better than text and boosts serach visibility more than 50 times. With a video, it is easy to explain the functionality of your app engagingly and concisely. Users who watch the video will usually download and install the app.

Videos are of 2 kinds, both of which are quite effective:

App Demo Videos

These animated videos will show generally how your app works with a lot of screenshots and highlighting benefits and features.

Explainer Videos

A story is woven around specially created animated characters with some issues they are facing. The app with its special functionalities is shown to resolve the issues and save the day.
The Mobile Marketing team has talented scriptwriters, animators and illustrators on board to create your video. We will also distribute it on popular media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to market your app.

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Steps in creating a Video

Video Concept or Story

Video Concept or Story

  • We discuss the strong points of your app and the ones you need highlighted in the video.
  • You also need to take a call on whether you need an explainer or a demo video.
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Video Script and Storyboard

Video Script and Storyboard

  • We write the script and Voice Over (if you need audio)
  • We flesh out the storyboard showing key frames of the video so you can approve the look and feel of the animation.
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Animating The Video

Animating the Video

  • After your approval, we start animating the video usually in Flash. Special effects, voice over integration happens at this point.
  • We take final approval on the video from you.
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Video Submissions & SEO

Video Submissions & SEO

  • We create an SEO friendly video title after analyzing search trends.
  • We submit the video to popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo and others which may be relevant.
  • We write descriptions with annotations for the video, and create suitable tags.
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